How to choose thread colors for your embroidery design.

It's hard to find figure out what thread color you want to use for your embroidery design on your new pad but it just really doesn't have to be. Here's a quick tip that will help you.
Here's a fail proof way of picking out the perfect color or color combination. Fabric designers do all the work for you! They know what colors go great together because they are the professionals and agonize to make sure that they have the perfect color combination.
Here are samples from American Designer Jennifer Paganelli. See which fabric grabs your eyes and go from there. You can select one, two or three colors from the fabric that you love and use those for your embroidery design. I'm sure there are color combinations that would may have never thought of combining together but yet when you see them together, you'll think that they are just fabulous! Bring either the picture of the fabric or the fabric itself to your local tack shop so you can match the colors to the thread selection they have on hand. It's really just as easy as that.
Have fun. Take a risk and just go for it!

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