Equestrian Gift Ideas

I can't believe I'm actually writing about gift giving ideas for the up and coming holiday season but when you think about it, were already half way into August and it's only 130 days, 14 hours, 29 min and 36 seconds until Christmas but who's counting?!

In the south, school as already started (much to the dismay of alot of students), college bound students are making their way to their new home and parents are trying to adjust to their new normal. Soon enough we will have to redirect our focus on what to do next to keep us busy now that the house is eerily quiet. So with that in mind, I've decided to start getting ready for the holidays season for both my family and for my customers.

Earlier this year I had created a check list to get riders ready for show season.  Upon reviewing this list, there were already some great gift giving ideas on what to get for your both Christmas and Hanukkah. Call me pragmatic, but I don't think there's anything wrong in getting a gift that is both fun and and useful. What's great is that the price range varies from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars so you will find something that meets with your budget. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Roeckl Roeck-Grip Gloves:

I have to say these are my favorite gloves of all time. I've even monogrammed them so that they are easily identifiable to let everyone know who's they belong to:) You can find these at our favorite local tackshop Saddles N Such.





Wilker's Olympic Gripper Show Pad:

Just in case you didn't already know, we can custom make your show pad to the make and size of your saddle! You can always reach us via email or call us if you have any questions or simply put your comments in your order when you check out (ie Antares 17.5"). For more information, click HERE.



Standing Wraps:



You can never have enough of them and to kick it up a notch, have them monogrammed so that yours will never be mistaken for someone else' (especially when your standing wraps are your barn colors). For additional information and selection of embroidery options, click HERE .


So there you have it! Hopefully this will get the ball rolling as to what you could give to your trainer, groomer, barn manager or for yourself for this holiday season:) If you would like to have a copy of our "Get Ready for Show Season List", simply email us at and we'll be happy to email it to you:)




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