How to create you very own Wilker's pad

It may seem difficult to create you very own custom pad but quite honestly it's really not and actually quite fun! I think the hardest thing is actually thinking about the purpose of your custom pad to do: marketing, stop it from moving around or find the perfect size for both your horse and saddle.

Choose your pad:

From H/J, dressage, eventing, schooling pad to baby pad, we really have a wide variety of Wilker's saddle pads for you to choose from. I would strongly suggest that if your saddle is 17.5 or larger, to buy an oversize pad (this would not be applicable for dressage pads). Should your pad shrink a little, it will still be the perfect size for your saddle. Don't forget to choose your options as well: piping, girth, billet straps (or both!), anti slip etc.


If you have a logo that you would like to have embroidered onto your pad, simply send us your logo and we will have it digitized in house.

The reason why we digitize any logo or drawing ourselves is because, like anything, the quality of creating a digitized file varies from one vendor to another. We make sure that it's done correctly and add additional underlay so that your embroidery is not "flat". This process does cost more and it does add stitches onto your embroidery file but this critical step is what makes a logo look from "ok" to fabulous! 

Once we have your logo digitized, we do a run through with out machines to do a QA (quality assurance) to make sure it meets our standards and no tweaks need to be made. This is also the perfect time to take the thread colors that you have chosen and run that though. I don't know about you but I'm a visual person and I need to see it first hand to see if I like the look of it. Upon completion, we send it to you either via email or text for your approval.

Let the fun begin:)

Once we have your approval, we proceed with embroidering your pad, take lots of pictures for us to display it on our social media outlets and package it.

Once your order is complete, we will send your order out that very day and provide you with your tracking number. Depending on where you live in the United States, shipping can take anywhere from 1-3 days. Please remember always wash in warm water. For stubborn stains use "Spray and Wash" and let stand for a couple of minutes (and you might rub in the product a little bit to help it along) and air dry. NEVER use bleach or put it in the dryer.





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