Taking advantage of sales

Pat Nulis

With sales going on at your favorite tack shop, your hopefully taking advantage and stockpiling because you'll never will have enough horse accessories. Whether you are a faithful customer to one particular brand or not, there are several horse supplies that you can never get enough of such as saddle pads. It's also a great idea to have them on hand so that when you have a gift to give to your fellow equestrian friend.

Think also about embellishing them with monograms that have different designs or if you just have one favorite that you want to keep it consistent, think about changing it up with different thread colors that complement one another. This is a great way to be consistent with your brand but changing it up a bit so that you have some kind of variety.

Another tip that I received from a friend a few years ago was to spray some Scotch Guard on your pads prior to using them. It seems to help with the black markings left behind from your half chaps or boots and clean up is a breeze. I would suggest that before you wash your pad to spray some Spray and Wash or Oxy Clean and that will ensure that the stain will be removed. Once your pad is clean and dry, you will have to reapply your Scotch Guard.

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