Nathan Harvey

Nathan Harvey with horseAmbassador – Nathan Harvey

The opportunities to meet the most inspiring people through my business brings me the greatest joy. There are not words to describe the gratitude I feel when we have the good fortune to partner with them in some way.

Meet Nathan Harvey

I’m honored to introduce you to our new Ambassador, Nathan Harvey. Nathan has faced overwhelming obstacles, but he has not let them get in the way of going for the gold…

Nathan’s story is one of challenges, companionship, and triumph. As I got to know him and his very dedicated mom, Kim, I was inspired and blown away. I think you will be too.

At the age two, Nathan was diagnosed with autism and did not speak until Tommy came into his life, a pony he was given as a gift for his seventh birthday. One of the many ways that Nathan bonded with Tommy was by whispering bedtime stories to him and this is where his deep relationships with horses began.

Nathan is also legally-blind as a result of a progressive eye disease, he can only see about a meter (3 ft) in front of him.

The Inner-Vision of a Dream

Over the years as his eyesight diminished, instead of giving up riding, he learned to rely entirely on his horses to keep him safe and on course. “I don’t feel disabled when I’m with my horses”, he says. “When I ride, the world disappears… it’s like the best dream in the world.”

Nathan, now 32, has grown into a skilled Para-Equestrian. Among his many accomplishments, he recently returned home to Australia from riding in the World Games Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi. Equestrians from 47 countries competed and he took home two gold medals for dressage and a bronze medal for show jumping. Amazing!

The Power of The Human Connection

Nathan Harvey jumping with his horseThere is no shortage of inspiration in this story, but here is my favorite part. The part that is driven by the power of human connection. One of Nathan’s equestrian influencers is Victoria Colvin, another of our ambassadors. He learned how to jump by watching her videos and went on to win a bronze medal. Kim, Nathan’s mom found us through our relationship with Victoria and after a few heartfelt emails between moms, Nathan became an Ambassador for So Southern Custom Equestrian Products.

Please join me in welcoming Nathan, Kim, and his horses, Kiteroa Dominic, Evergreen Summertime, Aquabatic, and Bruno, to the So Southern Family. We are thrilled to support him in his future endeavors and will be cheering him every gallop of the way.

Be sure to connect with us and Nathan on social media where we will share and celebrate his events.